Baaby One Size Wool Wrap w/ Snaps


$ 40.00 

Baaby is handmade by a WAHM in Oklahoma.

100% Wool

Fits 2-36 months+ (10-50 pounds)

Machine Washable

Use Pure Lanolin

Wool Care:

Lanolize wool with 2 oz of pure lanolin the first time, one ounce there after. Fill Sink with warm water.  Place wool in sink inside out.  Press wool down until it is completely submerged in the water.  Use a safe jar to mix 2 oz lanolin (a few drops of baby soap, optional) with HOT water until completely dissolved or emulsified.  Pour slowly over the wool, focusing on the soak zone.  Let soak at least an hour.  Drain sink.  Pat wool gently in a towel to remove excess water.  Lay flat to dry.  Do not twist or wring wool.  Machine wash if necessary, lanolize after washing.

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