nuMOM Nutrition - Breast Milk Enhancer

nuMOM Nutrition

$ 19.50 
Product description

90 capsules

nuMOM Nutrition Milk Enhancer contains a blend of herbs specifically designed to help stimulate milk production naturally so that your baby never goes hungry. nuMOM Nutrition believe that milk production should come easy and effortless and be natural – and that's the purpose of our nuMOM Milk Enhancer.

Two herbs contained in the nuMOM Milk Enhancer are fenugreek and blessed thistle. Since the beginning of time, these two herbs have been used safely by moms. The US FDA considers fenugreek safe when used appropriately and lists it on the GRAS list. Many mothers experience an increase in 24 to 72 hours, while others say it takes up to two weeks to see the increase. Moms are just as satisfied as their babies with this type of results! 

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