Plant Therapy- Merry Mistletoe Holiday Blend 10mL

Plant Therapy

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Woodsy and sweet, Merry Mistletoe is the perfect blend for creating an atmosphere filled with cheer. This synergy includes three uplifting oils with ideal scents for the holidays: mood-enhancing Coriander, love-inspiring Fragonia and soothing Balsam Fir.

Our expert aromatherapists chose this combination of essential oils to create a joyful aroma that will enhance any holiday party or set the ideal mood for wrapping presents or decorating the tree.

Directions: Diffuse to create a festive feeling throughout your home. You can also make a spray by blending 10 drops of Merry Mistletoe to 2 oz of witch hazel or vodka to add the scent to your favorite potpourri. Add to your favorite DIY projects, such as soaps, candles or sprays to make the perfect gifts for your family and friends.

This blend is best for diffusion but can be used topically when diluted to 1-3%.

Ingredients: Blend of: Coriander, Fragonia, and Balsam Fir.

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