The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy

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$ 9.99 

The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy

It doesn't matter what side is up, this push toy is always fun!

Three sets of wheels on a unique triangular structure turn push-and-pull fun into a multi-dimensional experience.

Roll, flip, roll, flip, roll, and flip over and over again - The sensory excitement never stops!

Plus, parent's needn't worry about scuffed tables or scratched floors - All the wheels are fitted with rubber tires for soft, safe, smooth rolling.

Tumble into a new spin on wheel-rolling, sensory-learning action with the Tumbler Flip and Push Toy.

The Tumbler Flip & Push Toy


  • Triangular wooden car
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, creativity
  • Kids tumble into a new kind of sensory learning excitement
  • Fun gear images printed on each wheel
  • Rubber tires for smooth rolling - no scuffed tables or floors
  • Made entirely of strong wood - exceptionally safe for kids
  • Hole in middle of structure - add string to turn it into a pull toy
  • String not included
  • Highly durable construction with strong materials for long-lasting enjoyment

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